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Golf Course Net Repair and Maintenance

Below is a selection of products that can be used for the repair and maintenance of golf course perimeter nets. At Cable and Chain we do not offer repair and maintenance, we can only provide the products that might be needed.

Our partner website Parks and Playgrounds offer on site repair and and maintenance services for golf course perimeter nets in the Melbourne area. Some of the repairs that they offer include replacement of any damaged or old steel cables and fixtures with brand new products, and onsite hydraulic swaging of cables up to 16mm in diameter.

The Parks and Playgrounds website can be found by clicking the link below.


 - Parks and Playgrounds  -



Maintenance and repair of nets

Parks and Playgrounds can repair tears or rips in golf course nets. Repair or replacement of the premier rope on nets. Or offer complete replacement of the nets with brand new nets. They can also replace clips that attach the net to the structure.

Maintenance and repair of net suspention structure

Parks and Playgrounds can repair or replace steel cable within the net suspention structure. They can also fix loose cables and perform general maintenance on the net suspension structure.

Maintenance and repair of structural rigging cables

Parks and playgrounds can perform repairs and general maintenance of structural guy wires that support the netting structure. This includes replacement of damaged or old rigging guy wires.

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