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Cable and Chain Australia

High Ropes Course Construction, Repair and Maintenance Services

Cable and Chain Australia can provide all of the products and workshop services that you need for the construction and repair of high and low ropes courses. If you prefer to do it yourself, most of the fixtures and fitting you will need to maintain your course can be found below. But we also offer many or the specialist services that you may not be able to do your self.

We sell 6X19 galvanised wire rope and 1X19 stainless steel cable by the meter in diameters up to 12mm, and can manufacture the specific cable you need with the correct end termination, eye splicing and to the precise length you need and deliver direct to your door. We also offer rope splicing for 3 strand, double braid, spectra and 12 strand dyneema rope.

The workshop services we offer are:

Hydraulic (100T) crimping of steel cable up to 16mm diameter.

Hydraulic (100T) crimping of stainless steel end terminations.

Rope splicing services

Wire rope and steel cable 3mm-12mm sold by the meter

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